Monday, February 17, 2014


Hi Kids!

I am visiting a city called Toronto. It is the biggest city in Canada, so it is very busy with many people, tall buildings, and a lot of traffic. Ashlen wondered if there are cities in Canada. There are other cities in Canada, too, like Vancouver and Montreal.  Millions of people live there. Canada also has more open space than in the USA. Canada is bigger - it has more land, but it doesn't have as many people as our country does.

Look at me having fun in the snow.  The big buildings behind me let you know that I am in a city.

When you look at a map or a globe, you can see Canada is near the top. That means it is in the north.
The further north you go, the colder the weather gets. Gage, JaKayla, and Rakwon asked about the weather. It is much colder than at our home in Rock Hill. Here is another picture that shows the cold weather. I was taking a hike in the park with my friend, Dr. Dooling. Look how deep the snow is!

Talan, Tionna, and Evelyn want to know about animals that live in Canada. Many animals that live in South Carolina can also be found in Canada. For example, you can see squirrels and raccoons in cities.
Some of the other animals that live in the wild in Canada are the beaver and the moose. In the far north of Canada you can find polar bears and reindeer.

I haven't seen animals outside yet, but I went to a museum, and saw this stuffed moose. I could get close to it because it is not alive any more. The museum guide told us that there are lots of them out in the woods.

Abigail asked what language they speak. There are two official languages in Canada. One is English. The other is French. All children learn these languages in school. You can see signs printed in both languages. I saw this sign where people were buying tickets to go on a boat ride.

Another thing that is different here is the money. Their dollars are coins, not paper. The gold colored one on the left is one dollar. It is called a "loonie" because the bird on the front is a loon. The coin on the left with a ring around it is a 2 dollar coin. They do have paper money for $5, $10, and larger bills. Their paper money is a lot more colorful than  ours.

Nolexia asked if there are any mountains. Yes, there are many mountains in Canada. The highest mountains are in Western Canada. The Rocky Mountain Range is the most famous mountain range. The Rocky Mountains go all the way from British Columbia Canada to New Mexico in the United States! If you look at a map, you will see that is a very long way. I did not go out west, so I couldn't take any photos of the mountains, but if you use Google on you computer, you can see many pictures of them.

The last question in my backpack is from Jack. He wants to know what kids do for fun in Canada.

Kids in Canada enjoy many of the same activities as kids in the United States such as video games, playing soccer or making art. Some popular sports played during the winter are ice hockey, figure skating and snow skiing.

I have loved my visit to Canada. I will be coming home on Monday. I can't wait to see you all again!

Your Friend,
Flat Stanley