Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Switzerland again!

Hello again, First Graders!

This will be my last week in Switzerland. I have had some time to get out and see more things, so I will try to answer some of your questions. Let's see what is in the backpack!

Olivia wants to know about the animals here. The most unusual animal I have seen is an ibex. It is a goat with curly horns that lives in the mountains. They are not afraid of people, so if you go hiking, you might see one. I didn't take a picture, so I will show you a picture of a Swiss stamp with an ibex on it.

In the USA, we have a national bird whose picture you can see on money, stamps, and many other places. Can you guess what it is?    That's right, an eagle. All counties have national symbols.

Sahara asks if it is cold. Yes! It's a lot colder here than in Rock Hill. Switzerland is full of mountains, and tall mountains have snow on top all year---even in the summer. So, as you might guess,  it is quite cold here.

Talan asked about the languages that the people speak. I guess I answered that one last time. The main language is French, but many people speak German and English too.

Anna wants to know about the food they eat. Their food is mostly like ours, but Switzerland is famous for 2 kinds of food - delicious chocolate and cheese. I know that you have heard of Swiss cheese and Nestle chocolate. They are from Switzerland.
Nolexia wrote, "What do the houses look like?"
In the city people live in tall apartment buildings that look like the ones in American cities. Out in the country, they have a kind of big house called a chalet. Here is a picture of one.
It is right beside a mountain. Isn't it pretty?
I want to show you one more picture before I finish. It is at a downtown playground in Geneva. They had monkey bars and slides and a sand box. My favorite part was something that our playgrounds don't have - wooden rocking horses! I had to hang on tight!

Dr. Clarke is almost finished with his work here, so we'll be flying back to the USA this weekend. I'm glad that I will be back in time for Halloween!  Because I've been hanging out with doctors so much I decided that's what I want to be for Halloween. This is my costume. Do you like it?
Now I am Doctor Flat Stanley!

That's all for now. I hope that you have fun on Halloween, too. Remember to stay safe.

Your friend,  Flat Stanley

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bonjour from Switzerland!

Bonjour children!

Bonjour means "hello" in French, the language spoken in my latest travel destination. Do you know where I am? That's right, Switzerland!

I am trying hard to learn French, but luckily many people here speak English, too, so I am making lots of friends!  They help me understand signs in French, like this one:

It says "White Horse Street." 

Switzerland is a very small country in Europe, across the Atlantic Ocean. Can you find it on the map?

I am in a city named Geneva. It was built a very long time ago, before there were any cars, so the roads are narrow.

Do you see a flag here that you recognize?  The USA has a flag- it is in your classroom.  Every country has a flag, Switzerland too!

A lot of people ride bikes or motorcycles to get around because the streets are so small.  Also, the people care about taking care of the environment.  Motorcycles use less gas than cars, and of course bikes don't need any gas, just people with energy!  Do you like to ride your bike?

I love a bike ride, but my legs are too short to reach the pedals!  So my friends here are taking me on a ride!  Weeeeeeeee!

Well, I have more exploring to do so I'd better go!  Where did I put my bike helmet?  Got to put in on before we start!  OK kids I'll write more soon!
Your friend,

Flat Stanley