Monday, January 20, 2014

Checking in from Washington State

Hi first graders!

I am all the way across the country, in the northwest corner of the USA. I couldn't go any farther without landing in the Pacific Ocean, or visiting another country. Look at a map. Do you know what country is next to WA ?

Let me tell you some things about my trip so far.

Gage asked how far away from Rock Hill it is. It took 5 hours to get here in a plane, so I know it is far. I didn't know exactly, so I looked at Google maps on the computer to find out. I learned that I travelled 2,884 miles from Rock Hill to get here. That is a long way!

Ashlen wants to know if there are tall buildings, and Saul and Journey asked if there are big cities. The answer is yes to both of these questions. Seattle is the biggest city. That is where the airport is, so it was the first thing I saw when we landed. Here is a picture of Seattle. I think that the lights in the skyscrapers look beautiful. What do you think?

When we left Seattle, we had to cross the water, called Puget Sound, but there is no bridge. The cars drive onto a big boat called a ferry, and the ferry takes them on a ride over the water. You can get out of your car, and walk around on the deck of the boat. We were on the ferry when we took the picture of  the tall buildings. Here is a picture of another ferry that was going by.

George asked if there are mountains in Washington. Yes! There are lots and lots. This one is named Mount Rainier, and it is the tallest one in the state. The snow on top never melts. Right now, since it is winter, the snow comes all the way down the slopes.

Salome wondered about what animals live here. There are a lot of deer, and they are not afraid of people at all. They come right into the town, and into people's yards. They are very pretty to look at, but some folks don't like them at all because they eat the flowers and vegetables in gardens.

Another animal is very common in the water. I haven't gone out on a boat, so I haven't seen any yet. They are called sea otters. They are furry and brown, and very cute. In the park, we saw this otter statue, and  Mr. North took my picture with them.

I am loving Washington! I'll write again after I have had more adventures.

Your friend,
Flat Stanley

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